Do you ever find yourself at a loss for travel destinations? Silly question – I can’t even keep a straight face asking it. If you’re like me, you’re always after locations to keep adding to your never-ending bucket list of travel goals… the possibilities are positively endless... Read more.

My grandpa passed away last Sunday. Up until then I lived the luxury of having four living grandparents and this is bliss.


Grandparents are that interesting mix between the authoritarian figureheads of parents and the adverse influence arising through spoiling their grandchildren rotten. My grandpa was more of the latter. Grandpa liked to spoil us as much... Read more. 

The sun has broken through winter skies, bees have set about their duties of pollen collection, and buds are opening up to pay their dues. Greens and yellows blanket the hillside in an act of revenge against the unforgiving season that's just passed. Yet, I retreat in dread for there's... Read more.

Victoria, Gozo

One of the stray tabbies that stalk the back alleys of Rabat jerks her head around in surprise as I shut the front door. She has ripped open one of the garbage bags again and has picked her way through what appears to be last night’s leftovers. She crouches down watching me as I watch her. Then, out of caution rather than fear, she darts down the adjacent passageway, probably to lurk in the shadows until the coast is clear... Read more.

On with the walking shoes and quick march against the biting headwind, I walk up Triq Ghammar in the direction of the basilica. Under patches of azure sky and withering clouds, the Gozitan landscape is recovering from two days of battering. In typical Maltese style... Read more.

It is election time at home in Malta. If you're here, that's pretty much old news. If you're not, I doubt you care.


It's odd really that the only two nations I can think of that are engulfed by the heatedness of bipartisan politics at election time happen to be one of the largest - USA - and one of the smallest - Malta. And that these two nations, which are superficially so far removed, share a certain kind of... Read more.

Michelle Awe-Bama

February 2013

I am in awe of this woman. It's so inspiring to see her take centre stage on many an occasion and not drift into the shadows as so many wives-of do and have previously done. She's a career lady that has shown the world and women in particular just how far the quality of adaptability can take you. She has taken full opportunity of the platform... Read more.

Team Lunch Wednesdays just upped its game. 


Just down the road from where I work in the Hafencity of Hamburg is the Deichtorhallen, a large space that is used for art exhibitions and the like. Their current... Read more.

Ghammar Hill, Gozo

It’s the end of spring and the last bits of lush greenery on Ghammar hill are quickly evaporating with the onset of the scorching summer. The twiggy hay bales are all rolled up and scattered across the hill, a crisp cardboard cut out against the clear late morning sky... Read more.

Fomm ir-Rib Bay, Malta

Few European countries can brag about a 365 sq km area that bursts with history and culture as well as clear Mediterranean waters. Yet, I hazard to claim that most of the 1.2 million annual visitors to the Maltese Islands do not dare to pop the bubble of their half-board hotel package, its neighbouring overcrowded beach, and the obligatory guided tour... Read more.

Myanmar is currently experiencing a period of potentially long-term and positive change, yet recent history and the present reality of the military regime is all too significant to overlook and travelling to Myanmar does indeed require both self-education, and perhaps more importantly, self-reflection... Read more.

Myanmar or Burma?

January 2012

Lonely planet Myanmar (Burma) Edition

What’s Myanmar to me is Burma to you but are they really one and the same? Or which term should I use? Read more.

Of twos and fives

December 2011

On 16.11.11 I turned twenty-five. There, I said it. Right now, at 18:59 on 12.12.11, I am officially no longer in denial. 


This photo was taken just after I opened my eyes on the morning I turned twenty-five. That smile might make you think that I was indeed overjoyed at the thought of waking up to unending... Read more.

Myanmar it is!

December 2011

I would be lying if I said that I had always wanted to visit Myanmar. I hadn’t really, mostly because I had ignorantly never really thought about it. The decision to visit this surprisingly captivating land came about through a mixture of thought, practicalities and, cheesily, fate... Read more.

Random thoughts

April 2011

Happiness is like a coconut.. rather hard to crack but all juicy and delicious inside. 


Read more.

Do not treat others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful (The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.18).

In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you (Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:12).


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Stamford House, Singapore

As I am now ‘on holiday’, as you might call it, life in Singapore has changed. I am no longer a student living in student residences, but have taken up the life of a tourist, postcards and all, and am therefore resting my head in a 12-person dorm in Little India. And, yes, people snore, but it is indeed cockroach-free. Hurrah! Read more.

Last September (2008) I had the great fortune of travelling to Malaysian Borneo to go scuba diving at Sipadan - one of the best scuba diving spots there is as it is in the heart of one of the richest marine habitats in the world. Think about paradise for a second... you've just thought about Sipadan island... Read more.

Who is our neighbour?

September 2006

The following is an article I had written after a short stay in Ethiopia during 2006. I came across the article the other day as I was cleaning out my 'My Documents' folder. Reading it now is honestly like reading something that was written by a different person. While bringing back timeless memories, it also shows me how much I have changed. My opinions regarding God and religion have evolved so much since then. I've gone from being a firm believer, to being one critical of.... Read more.